Neutral Expert Services in Computer Technology and Business Cases

When technology and business disputes cannot be resolved between the parties and they are headed to or already in litigation, the use of neutral expert services can prove to be beneficial to all.

Parties have found that substantial savings are possible when they jointly engage a neutral expert to:

Dr. A. J. Nichols of Probitas has provided all these services and more to assist parties in the early stages of their claims and defenses, and throughout litigation.

Judges and Arbitrators have used Dr. Nichols as an advisor to:


Mediator and Arbitrator

Dr. Nichols has mediated a wide variety of disputes ranging from complex patent cases to parking issues. His style is primarily facilitative with emphasis on helping the parties communicate. He can be evaluative when that is appropriate. He is on the mediation panels of the Northern District of California, the San Francisco County Fee Dispute Program, the San Francisco Community Boards resolution center, and the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center in San Mateo, California. The issues he has mediated include:

Dr. Nichols serves as an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association, the San Francisco County Fee Dispute Program, the San Mateo County Fee Arbitration Program, and as a Neutral Arbiter for Just Resolve. He has been the sole arbitrator on occasion but primarily serves on three-arbitrator panels. This is especially useful when the matter involves his computer technology or business experience.


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